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really? i remember eating moon cakes and absolutely hating those yolk centers. i think they tasted really salty.

It may be that they’re prepared differently, I don’t know, but I really like the ones I have. The ones I have aren’t that salty at all.

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Oh frick, been eating these Moon Cake things my mother got me when I visited last weekend and there’s this like large orange disc in the center of them that are really tasty and sweet and I was like “I have no idea what this is but its really good.” Turns out it duck egg yolk. It’s weird because that’s not how I’d expect it to taste.

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I just read the last chapter of Nickelodeon. It wasn’t anything special, nothing extraordinary. It was just simple and cute and heartwarming and depressing and perfect.

So, just sitting here, listening to Fine On The Outside by Priscilla Ahn, and I check Batoto:

Nickelodeon… End

And I swear to the gods, the old and the new, that the song reached this part and I was like “DARN IT”.

Nickelodeon is one of my favorite series by my favorite manga artist and author, and I knew this day was coming. Sigh.


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